Trade and public services

Trade services are provided by 26 juridical entities and sole traders. There are 178 stores in the region.

Some 20 public catering units (907 seats) provide their services in the region.

The consumer cooperative societies account for 63.8% of trade service in the region.

Some 97 economic entities provide public services in the region, among them are 78 juridical persons (companies), 19 sole traders, who have a network of public services. In 2007, the amount of chargeable services was worth Br18.7 billion, including public services Br3 billion (up 44%, the target was 11.5%).

A network of public services companies includes 15 public service centres (the Luban regional public services centre, the Luban utilities centre, the Oressa hotel in the village of Sorochi, concrete goods workshop, workwear workshop), which are currently being modernized. A new public services company providing quality services was opened in the agro-town Sosny-1 in late 2007.